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As there are many forms of Yoga, there are many applications of Pilates. Kim expands on Joseph H. Pilates' original principles by creating variations and modifications suitable for the general population as well as the fitness enthusiast and seasoned athlete.

Special attention is placed on proper alignment, coupled with focused breathing patterns, and appropriate exercise selection and sequencing. Emphasis is concentrated on quality of movement rather than quantity.

Kim focuses on reeducating the neuromuscular system to address poor postural alignment, relieve pain and stress, and accelerate the recovery process from an injury. Other individual benefits:

Awareness is the first step towards change. Your breath connects you to that inner awareness which links the body with the mind. Focus is drawn internally to your core muscles, bridging the neuromuscular connection that reeducates and re-patterns your mind with your muscle receptors to bring about the necessary changes to achieve pain-free, efficient movements. Whether your intentions are to play with your grandchildren with energy or improve your sport as an athlete, Kim strives to help you achieve your goals in a fun, creative, and safe environment.

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